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Take A Shot At This Mixed Visual Quiz In 25s To Test Exactly How Good Your Eyesight Is


This series of fun puzzles have the ability to put your observation skills to the test, each puzzle slightly more difficult than the last.

To make the challenge especially stimulating for the brain, there’s a time limit; see if you can decipher all of the “odd ones out” in just 25 seconds. If you succeed, you can count yourself among the upper echelons of highly observant folk.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. Find the odd one out

2. Can you solve this right away?

3. The next one

4. Still too easy for you? Scroll on!

5. Next chance!

6. It was a little harder, can you?

7. Will you be able to solve this in seconds?

8. Good job! This is the final test

Scroll down to see the answers!









Did you find all the answers? How long did it take? Let us know in the comments!

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