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Logical Puzzle: How Many Triangles Do You See?


For this brain teaser, you’ll need to be quick as we’re only giving you 20 seconds to find out how many triangles there are in this picture. It’s trickier than it sees!

At first glance, the image seems to be a simple illustration with multiple shapes. Now here’s the catch—count how many triangles are in the drawing. People are scratching their heads at the different numbers they are coming up with.

If you’re completely stumped, we’ll give you a hint: The trick lies in factoring multiple smaller triangles into becoming a bigger triangle.

Got An Answer: 27 in Total!

Detailed answer:

16 One-cell Triangles

7 Four-cell Triangles

3 Nine-cell Triangles

1 Sixteen-cell Triangle

How long did it take you to find all triangles out? Let us know in the comments.

Challenge your friends as well and see if they are able to find the right solution.