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How Can You Find The Amount Of 1s Hiding Among The 7s In 30 Seconds?


Brain teasers are fun, but on top of that they are an effective tool to train our minds! We have a powerful machine inside our heads, but without proper exercising, it may slow down and even break with time.

Solving puzzles and riddles can be called brain fitness. And just as the sports keep your figure in shape, thinking strengthens your memory and cognitive abilities!

So what about doing a little exercise right now?

Look at this picture! There are a few numbers 1 that are hiding among the 7s. These numbers look similar so it may be hard to spot them. That’s why you should be focused to the max.

How many 1s have you found?

The faster you handle the task, the better! And if you struggle to locate them all, we can give you a hint: There are 4 of them!

Ready to check the right answer?

So this is where the 1s were hiding.

These fun tests aren’t the only way to train your brain. You can also practice solving crosswords, sudoku, math puzzles and riddles. In addition, try to learn something new every day to keep your memory sharp.

Last but not least, mind you have proper nutrition! It’s important to provide your brain with all the necessary nutrients it needs to work efficiently. According to Healthline, the best food for the brain is blueberries, turmeric, broccoli, dark chocolate, healthy fats, nuts, and seeds.

Keep your mind in great shape, and do not forget to stick with us for more “exercises”.